Thursday, March 3, 2011 Score and creative stitching (Pics at the bottom)

I seriously don't think there is a perfect double stroller. Side by Sides (SBS) have advantanges, and tandem have advantages as well.

I bought a tandem while still pregnant, and while it works for now since Elsie is still in the carseat carrier, which kinda snaps in the back of the tandem. But, after using this stroller (which I bought at a consignment shop), I realized that I wanted a SBS.

I am not a snob by any means. But, I really had my eye on a specific stroller. This stroller purchased new costs about $500. I wanted it for several reasons. I mean it is not the most beautiful stroller, but function outweighs fashion. There are plenty of more expensive doubles out there....but also other for far less.

Well, being a $500 stroller, we can't afford it. I have been looking on crai.gslist every day, in several areas, looking for this stroller. And, since I live in boonie land - I was willing to travel upto 2 hours for this stroller if I was getting a good deal. Yes, that says 2 hours! for a stroller. That is how bad I wanted this stroller.

I contacted several people, but since this is a very popular stroller, many other people contacted sellers as well. Last week, I finally thought my luck turned around. I was going to buy a used one for $200, which is STILL a lot of money for us. It was 1 hr 45 minutes away. I was willing to make the drive. the guy told me he was only available on sunday - so I rearranged my plans and we were going to make the drive. Well, I am glad I checked my e-mail before we left. He sold it to someone the day before. It got me annoyed since he "promised" to sell it to me and he was the one that said he was only available on the sunday. Whatever.

So, today I see one listed, and listed for a STEAL. The ad said the it was is "good used condition" But also had "wear and tear because it was used by 3 yr old boys" They said that the wheels should be replaced. But, the cost of the stroller + the cost of the new wheels would still make it a good bargain.

So, I committed to buying it and was selected to purchase it. It was 1 hr 20 minutes from my house. Well, I get there and the stroller is in FAR worse condition than what was dipicted. there were very large tears, big rips, areas that where the fabric was shredded. I had to make a split decision and bought it. The second I left, I knew it was a mistake. I was so upset that I was so stupid, and did not tell the women - "you are crazy if you think this is good used condition. BUt, I figured that maybe I could just resell it as soon as I got home. The price I paid is still a great price for the condition, but it is not the condition that I wanted.

I actually called my friend all upset....yes, about a stroller. I got home and took tons of pictures with the thought that I would create my own ad. But, then I brought the stroller inside. And, then I looked at it. And, then I tried to figure out if I should try to salvalage it, and keep it. I even called the company to see if I could get a new seat covering (at almost $150 - yikes)

Well, it took tons of creative stitching, folding fabric, stitching every which way. But, I think I got it to a place where it looks "OK" It does not look as bad, not great, not brand new, but OK. Even with the stitching, it still looks like it has lots of wear and tear. But, I think I can live with it. Even if it is not the color I wanted lol.

So, here are my before and after pics. Note that the before pics were taken outside and the afters were inside - so all the colors don't match - but you get the idea. The pics really do not do it justice, since the befores looked much worse in person. the pics are small, so click on each one to see as a larger pic.

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