Monday, August 9, 2010

Balloon Festival

We "went" to a local balloon festival last week.

It costs $25 a person just to get in. Plus, that amount does not include anything. Once in the festival, you still have to pay for food, pay for rides, etc.

You do get to get real close to the balloons though. This is kinda expensive for us, so what did we do???? We went around launch time and paid the $5 for parking and then watched the balloons go up from there.

You know what - I think this is what we will do in the future. Lil J had a blast, we saw lots of balloons, and saved tons of money!!! Yes, it would have been cool to see the balloons up close, maybe when we are super rich, lol

1 comment:

Megan K said...

Such a smart idea!!

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