Friday, November 9, 2007

Cruise here we come :) or :(

OK, many of you know that we were taking a break from IF meds and any other type of assistance. We have been on this break since June. We just used no assistance, but we still tried. We figured that if we did get pregnant, than it would be a blessing.

We took this break because we are going on a huge family cruise in April/May 2008. This cruise was booked in Aug 2006 (yep, 20 months in advance). According to the cruise line, you can not be more than 24 weeks pregnant on the day you board the ship. So, even though when we booked the trip I thought I would have a kid by that point and be pregnant again, I never thought that I would be an issue.

So, being the super anal person that I am, I figured out what day I would have to have the first day of my period and assuming that I got pregnant that cycle, h0w far along I would be at the time of the cruise. So, today (nov 9th) is the day that the break officially ends. Any period that starts after today MAY result in a pregnancy that will be less than 24 weeks on April 25, 2007

Nov 9th plus 24 weeks = April 25, 2008 (again, remember that pregnancy weeks are calculated based on the first day of your last period, not when you ovulate).

Now, I have not gotten my period yet, which means that I still might have a chance this cycle (slim to none, but I still want to be hopeful) My last period was Oct 16, I don't think I ovulated at all (or yet). My last cycle was 45 days long, and I am only on CD 25 so I guess I still have a while.

So, since now I am in the OK zone to get pregnant, and it has been over a year....I am in the clear to make an RE appointment. But, something is holding me back from making that call. Maybe it is because my cycles are getting shorter and shorter (from 110 days to last cycle of 45 days) and I kind of think that maybe this cycle will be shorter than 45 days. If I get down to a managable cycle length, maybe I will also ovulate on my own.

Also (bad excuse though, I know) - I only have 3 vacation days left for this year. So, if I go to an RE and they start testing/monitering, etc then I will need to take some time off. So, maybe it is better to start in the new year???

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