Wednesday, November 21, 2007

CD1 or CD9????

I have no idea.

Just a warming, this post will be full of TMI.

Some basic info:Did 2 clomid cycles way back in may/june. Since then, have been on a medication break. No meds, no appointments, nothing. I do take the occasional OPK, but not really on a regular basis.

Ok, last wednesday I posted that I was super excited. I got what I thought was my period. Which would mean that I just ended a 28 day cycle. My cycles have been 110 days down to 45 days. So, I was thrilled. I even thought that I had ovulated on my own about 12 days before I got what I thought was my period.

Some TMI - the reason why I thought it was my period was the obvious reason. I wiped and saw blood - not a tiny spot or anything, but like most of the toilet paper. So, I use a tampon. Happy for the next couple of hours (weird, I know...happy to get your period)

So, (more TMI) - I use the bathroom again and change the tampon, not a heavy flow or anything, but I think enough to use a tampon again and not a liner.Again couple of hours later, go to bathroom, only a few spots on the tampon. So, I use a liner this time. For the rest of the day they is really not too much on the liner. And nothing overnight.

Next day (CD2), only need a liner....and could have probably used the same one all day (not that I would, but just based on flow amount). I got maybe enough to cover about an inch wide of a liner throughout the day.

Even less the next day (CD3). Also, on what I think is CD2, my boobs are KILLING me. Just barely touching them hurts really bad.

So, I kind of think, "hey, this is a weird period, my boobs really hurt, and I don't have bad cramps" you see where this is going? Yep, I take a pregnancy test. Of course it is negative. So, I figure that I just had a super light period. Which I think is fine since before BCP, I remember having super light day and a half periods. My boobs are STILL killing me.

I did not post about the above since I figured so many people have much worse problems and no one would want to hear me whine.

OK - fast forward to today. If the above was a period, then today would be CD9. Yeah, well this morning I use the bathroom, and when I wipe, I get toilet paper full of blood. Huh???? So, I of course use a tampon and now I have period like cramps. What the heck??

I know they both could not be a true period. You can't ovualate and get a period within 9 days of each other.So, should I start over and count today as CD1 and just assume that last week was some kind of mid cycle bleed? I don't think last week was any type of ovulation bleed, since I got what I "thought" was a + OPK about 12 days before the previous mentioned CD1.

Even if I was not TTC, I would still think this is odd. I guess I will see how this goes and then maybe tomorrow I might make the decision to call this CD1 or not.

The plan was to start OPKs tomorrow at CD10, becuase I thought that it was possible that I would get a + OPK around CD16 (but did not want to miss it).

So, for now, I guess I am stuck in limbo.

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