Wednesday, November 14, 2007

28 Days!

OK, if you read the post below, you will see that I said that I thought this cycle would be shorter than 45 days. I thought that because I "thought" I got a postive ovulation test on CD16. Both lines were lighter than what I have seen in the past. Even the control line was kind of light. But, both lines were the same light color. Possibly making it a "positive" test???

Since both lines were so light I really was not sure if it was positive, or if the control line was defective in some way and should be darker...which everyones knows..a darker control line is a negative test.

So, My husband and I did what we had to do, assuming that it was positive. Well, yesterday (CD29) I got my period (now CD1). Which means that that test probably WAS positive. I was not even upset about not getting pregnant..I was just super excited that I got my period after only 28 days!!!

Is this even possible, that after over a year, that my cycles are back to "normal"??? I will believe it when it happens over and over again (assuming I do not get pregnant)

So, since I am a pee-in-a-cup addict, you KNOW I will make sure that I PIAC around CD11-CD18 (or until I get a + OPK).

I already told my husband about this and asked him how he would like me to tell him "we need to do it today". Some people have said to light a candle in a certain place, try to seduce him, etc.......He said to me 'just tell me, "it is CD? and I got a +OPK so we need to &*%$@ now" Wow, so much class I tell you.

So, I am hoping that my post in about 14 days says, "OMG, I got a +OPK!"

Stay tuned!!

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