Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Some B-Day Party Pics

Here are some pics of the party. If you are looking for tutorials for any of the crafty items, I added them in one blog post HERE.

We hired someone to take pictures during the party. I really just wanted to enjoy the party, and not have to worry about trying to take pics as well. It seems like I either take lots of pics, but don't really "enjoy" the party like I should. OR, I really enjoy the party, and then realize that I have just have a handful of pics. And, those pics are usually not of the "important" stuff.

He was inexpensive, and I am very happy I did it. I am not saying that they are the most beautiful pics ever, or that every single one is frame worthy - but his candid shots are a million times better than what my camera could take, and to be honest, there are quite a few of really great pics.

I just love this first one! This post is very picture heavy :)

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