Monday, February 2, 2009

Adopt Update!

Ok - way back over two months ago, all of our paperwork was submitted. Most everything came back quickly. It is a lot (personal references, fingerprints, medical references, education references (for my son), employment references, financial references, police checks, etc, etc, etc)

Before moving to my current state, I lived in New York City. They were sent the request for a police check 4 times since the end of Nov. The request was sent to several addresses, and even was faxed twice.

It was the only thing that was still pending. About a month ago, we were notified that everything else was submitted, and the ONLY thing holding us up was this local police check.

I called about 2 weeks ago to the actual police dept and got the total run around. Informed my worker of this jjust to give her a heads up. Well apparently, they thought enough was enough.

I was just informed that they filed an exception and we are moving forward without this check!

I guess they figured that 1) anything major would have come up under the federal fingerprint check; 2) anything on there was a minimum of 4 years ago and they only do local checks for the last 5 years; and 3) everything else came back squeeky clean.

The state only has 30 days (from Jan 27th) to do the final state inspection. Once that inspection is done, it only takes a few days to get our license!!!!!

I am just so so excited, it is a step in the right direction!


Leah said...

Yay!!! Girl, you are gonna have a kid in your home in no time flat! I'm so excited for you ! Woo hoo!!!

Jacqueline said...

How exciting! I'm so glad the wheels are moving. Hopefully kid(s) will be in your home soon. (notwifezilla)

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