Friday, January 24, 2014

Snow Ice Cream

Ice Cream made from snow!

This winter has been rough.  A combination of multiple heavy snow storms and frigid temps has made this winter the harshest I can remember. And, it is far from over.

The other day I saw someone post that they made ice-cream from snow.  Well, with almost a foot of freshly fallen snow, I figured I would give it a shot.  Off to pinterest I went.

I found several links to different ways to make it.  Most called for milk, sugar, salt, vanilla, and of course snow.  Well, I didn't have enough milk, so basically clicked on several links looking for an alternate recipe.  I found the EASIEST one, and it did not need milk.  Instead it needed sweetened condensed milk, which oddly I had in the house lol.

You only need the following:
about 10 cups of clean snow
1 can of sweetened condensed milk
vanilla - I like a lot of vanilla, but generally never measure it

Mix is all together and viola - ice cream.  It was really good.

I really think that the condensed milk could really make a big difference in the texture of the ice cream.  If you see in the pictures, it really does look like mashed potatoes.  Which when I added caramel on top - it REALLY looked like mashed potatoes.  I'm sure the consistency of your snow will totally alter the texture of your ice-cream.  Mine the 2x I made it was the texture/consistency of homemade ice-cream.  I think if I used the milk recipe, it would have been like italian ice.

See looks like mashed potatoes, especially with the carrots next to it lol.

Cost wise, honestly - not really a big cost savings using this method.  Using the recipes using milk and sugar is probably a *free* way to make this since most people will have that in the house.  But, even though I had the condensed milk in the house, for the second batch - I had to buy a can.

I got a can on sale for $1.65.  The next highest price (which was not on sale) was $2.29.  You can get a regular container of ice cream on sale for $2.99.  That container would last a lot longer than snow ice cream.  But, we all had ice cream (5 of us), and still stashed a bit in the freezer.  But - obviously a fun thing to do to make the best of the snow.

Oh, and it is super cold!

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