Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Shaving Cream and Listerine

Shaving cream and listerine - odd combo, right?  Well, that is the combo for a foot soak for cracked heels.

I love pinterest, and found this "recipe" for getting rid of dead skin on your feet.  I have horrible feet, which is why there will be no before/after pics lol

I as with most things on pinterest, I just HAD to try it.  And, you know what - I think I got pretty good results.  It might be fair to say that I MAY have gotten the same results if I just wrapped my feet in a warm wet towel.  But, my feet really did tingle, so I think it did something more than just water.

I used gerenic listerine in the original kind, the yellow/gold one.  I used cheap shaving cream, barbasol, because I sure as hell was not gonnna use the expensive stuff lol.

I will probably do it again :)

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