Sunday, May 27, 2012

Smores Pops

We are having a BBQ for Memorial Day, and I wanted to make a simple "summer" type of snack.  Smores scream summer :)

I did not make up this treat, but rather saw it on pinterest.  Ah, pinterest, what would I do without you??

Smores Pops are a chocolate coated marshmallow covered in graham cracker cumbles.  And, yes - it is as easy as it sounds.  But, of course I have provided a picture tutorial.

I made 35 pops.  But, not because I ran out of ingredients, but rather, I only had 35 pop sticks.  I crushed 1/2 a box of graham crackers, but only used less than half of that.  I used about 3/4 a bag of chocolate.

Here are all my supplies - graham crackers, chocolate melts, marshmallows, pop sticks, wax paper, and my beating spoon lol.

Melt a small amount of chocolate.  I melt mine in the microwave using the defrost setting.  I stop it after 1 minute, and stir.  If needed, I put back in for about 20 seconds or so.

Pour the melted chocolate on to a piece of wax paper.  I like this method a lot since it allows a nice even coating.  I use the same method for my chocolate covered pretzels.

Put a pop stick in a marshmallow, and roll it in the melted chocolate.  Don't forget to put some on the top of the marshmallow. :)

Roll this your crushed graham crackers.  I had mine on a paper plate.

You are done!  I placed mine in a piece of styrofoam that I had from another project.

Looking yummy!

My husband did a little tasting, and he said they were so good.  I will wait until tomorrow to eat mine.

So, there you go - a super easy, super yummy summer treat

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