Thursday, March 29, 2012

House Paint Colors

We WILL be listing our house soon :) And, I have been touching up some of the paint. I figured it would be great to list the colors on my blog for future reference. I hate that I don't have ALL the colors. But, whatever :)

You can check out some recent pics (aka when my house is kinda clean) HERE - feel free to scroll down to see our renovations.

Anyway - here are the paint colors that I know:

Brown Trim - Valspar (Lowes) Brown Velvet
Green Exterior Trim - Behr (Home Depot) Dense Shrub
1st Floor Hall - Benjamin Moore Barely Beige
2nd Floor Hall - Benjamin Moore Shaker Beige
Living Room - Behr (Home Depot) Pumpkin Butter
Dining Room - Behr (Home Depot) Lower - New Chestnut. Upper - Classic Toupe
1st Floor Bath - Behr (Home Depot) Ripe Wheat
Kitchen/Mudroom - Behr (Home Depot) Crisp Celery
Master (gold) Bedroom - Benjamin Moore Chestertown Buff
Bedroom 2 (green) Benjamin Moore Sherwood Green
Bedroom 3 (blue) Benjamin Moore Whipple Blue
Bedroom 4 (beige) and Office - I have no clue. Both are a beige color. I have so many beiges in my house and none are the same lol

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