Wednesday, February 9, 2011

They finally identified Lil J's bio father

This guy was scheduled to be tested in 2009.. He missed 3 different court ordered appointments.

The plan was that the court would just terminate all unknown fathers at the same time as they terminate his mother's rights.

After the 3rd no-show, it was said that they would not search him out again. Well, I guess since the case is leading to termination, they wanted to get 100% certainty that he is or is not the father.

Well, it came back that this 3rd guy is the father. This guy left bio mom when she was 6 months pregnant and was never seen again. He has the same issues that his bio mom has - so it is not like he can parent at this time.

The caseworker spoke to this guy before the test results and he said he *might* surrender his rights before a trial. But wants pictures, and maybe a phone call before he would decide.

I know they would not just *give* Lil J to him if he wanted to parent...that they would do background checks, and he would still have to follow some sort of plan.....but being totally selfish, I am hoping he just does a surrender.

This guy was with her from the begining of her pegnancy (and according to him about a year before), and then was with her until 6 months pregnant. So, it is not like he didn't know he had a (possible) kid. Even if there was the possibility of someone else, he left knowing it could very well be his. Never sought her out for the next 3-5 years either.

My caseworker is going to speaking to him shortly, I have already given her some pics to send him. So, I guess we wait.

On another note, Lil J's mom is still MIA. There was a brief message to my CWs supervisor in Dec. But, there has been no visits since Oct 27th.

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