Wednesday, March 17, 2010

6 Month Update

We had Cora's 6 month doctors appointment this week. And, boy do we have a big girl!

Weight: 18.5 pounds (85%)
Height: 27 inches (82%)

Now, if you remember the 4 month stats, it looks like in 2 months she only grew an inch. But, in reality - they way the measure height is not an exact science. They lay her on the table and mark with a pen at her feet and then again at her head. So, if she moves or does not stretch or whatever, the measurements could be way off.

The doc just thinks that the last measurement was just done wrong. I am not worried about it. Weight is more of an exact science anyway.

So, there you have it - I've got myself a big girl :)

When I told my sister, she thought it was so funny - her daughter is almost 17 months and only weighs about 22 pounds. LOL

But, she is much smaller than Colin was at the same age. I don't remember the actual stats, but I do know that around 4-5 months, Colin was already in a size 12 months. Cora is in 9 months, but will be in 12 months pretty soon, just trying to push the (winter) 9 months a few more weeks until spring weather.

I will try to find a pic of Colin around 6 months to compare.

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