Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Is she named after anyone?

I have gotten that question (no joke) about a dozen times already. From doctors, nurses, strangers in the store, staff in the hospital, relatives, etc, etc.

I guess because Cora Evelyn is an "older" name, people just assume that she has to be named after someone.

But - nope, she is not named after anyone.

This is the story of her name:

We had a hard time picking names. We pretty much had our boy's name right from the start. We knew a boy would be named after my husband. But, the girl's name we had trouble with.

I like older traditional sounding names for girls. We wanted a "different" name, but not a weird name. Also wanted something that people would know how to spell, and pronounce.

So, we looked up the SS# Index from random years from about 100 years ago. The list starts in 1879, so I knew we could get some good options. That said, there are names on there that I would NEVER consider using - very old lady names. But, I knew we would get some to put on the list.

The names on our list were names from a variety of years. None were too popular, even back then. We had maybe 7 names on the "list" and all of them were older names, but also names that could seem modern.

Here are the other names: Adele, Aubrey, Estelle, Estella, Sylvia, Cora, Evelyn - and maybe one or two more that I can't remember.

It is possible that we may still use those names in the future if we have another baby, or we may get a totally new list :)

I guess I will have to get used to the question, "So, is she named after anyone?"


Leah said...

I love the name! I have a great aunt (grandmother's brother's wife)named Cora Lee. So, it was always uncle Inas (eye-nus) and Aunt Cora Lee.

Check out these names. These are all of my grandmother's siblings.

Herbert Hurley, Howard Hanley, Albert Huey , Tolbert Oscar Benton, Sanford Hamner Dee, Inas Washington, Gladys Beatrice, Elzo Tafton, Nina Lorene, Allen ??, Earnest Jr.

How about those old names?

Sonya said...

Our oldest son is named Silas and we got a lot of "Where did you get that from?" even from people we go to church with. We told them to look in the Bible and read Acts Chapter 15!!!
As far as old names in my family, my maternal grandpa's name was Pern, and my paternal grandma was Foda!!!!

Jenny said...

I love the names you chose, and hope to name our next babies similar names (I've been looking at the old lists on the SSN website too!). My grandma's name was Evelyn. Do you pronounce it Ev-a-lyn or Eve-lyn? My Gma was Ev-a-lyn but I've heard it the other way too.

SweetWICK said...

Very cool name! Thanks for posting!

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